Mercedes-benz App

Fleet mileage utility app

As one of the worlds leading brands Mercedes-Benz wanted to look at ways to help their company cars drivers and remind them how great they are at going the extra mile for their loyal customers.

The loose brief was around something to make company car drivers day to day lives a bit easier.

The final app involved a number of features that did just that.

I was the lead on the project and worked on both the UX, UI and Visual design.

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The core of the app revolved around the tracking of the journeys.

To stop accidental GPS tracking, and more importantly to stop the accidental cancelling of tracking, a slide function was used.

I felt this kept the activation process limited to 1 user action, rather than having a confirmation of activation to start a journey.

The stopping of a journey would, however, result in a user confirmation once the stop slider was fully slid across the screen.

You are also able to add manual journeys if necessary.

Mileage Log book

Once the user had saved a tracked journey it would be added to the log.

This is fully searchable and grouped by month. The reason for this is because most drivers would submit mileage & expense claims monthly.

We added duplication functionality if repetitive journeys weren't tracked at the time.

The user also sets their £/mile rate on their first journey, this would then be the default but editable at a later date if required.

We gave the ability to add "Additional Costs" such as parking costs, subsistence etc.

The user can then export this data as a CSV and send it to their nominated email address(s) ready for them to then submit their monthly expenses.




Whilst some drivers would have their entire fuel bill paid, in this day and age most only get a portion paid for, there fore it is very much in their interest to get the fuel as cheap as they can. Also, many will have a preferred fuel station due to fuel/loyalty cards.

The fuel finder uses an external API to gather the closest stations along with their respective prices for the key fuel types.

The preferred station would be defined during the app setup and highlighted in on the map with a green pin.

Once a station is selected the app will navigate you to the station using the Google Maps API.

Parking Reminder

A bit of a bonus feature of the app but one of my favourites.

The parking reminder is aimed at those that may be in an alien town/city and need a reminder of where they have parked, and also when their pre-paid ticket runs out.

Meetings often over run, and how many times do you forget where exactly you parked your car.

Well, this little feature helps with that!