Scoota Distribute

programmatic Advertising platform

Scoota is an online advertising technology company that enables advertisers to create, activate, measure and optimise ad campaigns.

They offer a single programmatic platform for the creation and delivery of rich, high-impact ad formats. Their technology includes a unique campaign delivery system that pre-reads an ad space in real-time so that the right creative is delivered into the right ad unit without the need for pre-testing and independent site integration.

Sound complicated? It was.

I worked on the Visual, UI and a good chunk of the UX design of their multiple products for their next major release phase which would turn it into a self serve platform.



Campaign List

The campaign list is the entry point for those people managing campaigns on a daily basis. Warnings and the Status of a campaign needed to be easily surfaced and understood.



As you can imagine the creation of ad campaigns involves a lot of forms, I wanted to look into a clear, easily digestible format that allowed users to scan quickly and understand what point of the form they were at.

The field set labels were broken out to help define the form sections better. This format was then rolled out to all of the major forms through out the product.



The ability to target ads to the right kind of audience is vital in any campaign. There are many sections of targeting as you can see, but the day parting, or scheduling, is one of the more complicated interactions that needed careful thought.

The result was an interactive 7 day view to enable the campaign manager to target whole days or specific hours or groups of hours in the day.


Line Item Dashboard

A line item is an a unit of advertising that is sold by the publisher to the advertiser. It specifies the details of the sale, such as site, section, ad size, date(s) to run, cost, etc.

Every campaign is made up of multiple line items, they can in theory all use the same creative (or not) but will have differing budgets or targeting settings.

This allows the campaign manager to then monitor the best performers and refine the campaign over time.

The example shown is iteration 1 of the line item dashboard that allows the manager to monitor the spend and the time remaining, to make sure everything is on track to deliver correctly.